Twizdom: How to Use Twitter for Daily Learning

Everyday, over 500 million users are on Twitter to connect with others, find out what’s trending, stalk their favorite celebs and air their dirty laundry… you know, the usual.
Up until recently, my daily Twitter routine consisted of just that, until I discovered Two Spanish Tweets.  Go figure, now there is a Twitter feed that teaches you Spanish!
After being inspired by my recent trip to Central and South America, I decided that I really wanted to learn Spanish. Upon discovering this feed, I realized that learning another language could be quick, easy, accessible and kinda trendy.
Everyone has things they would like to learn. Here are a few more Twitter feeds to turn your daily social media routine into a learning experience.
Along with Two Spanish Tweets, there are two other accounts that are great for learning new words, sentences, and grammar tips (I recommend using all three).
There are several websites for discovering new music, but rather than sift through articles about up and coming artists, I can find and listen to them them easily through quick links from NPR and The Line of Best Fit.
I’ll admit this is an eccentricity of mine, and probably not for everyone. I see math as an endless journey, and there is always more to know. This PhD in mathematics shares some interesting and (mostly) understandable wisdom.
For adding a bit of flavor to your day, History Facts will inform you of interesting events that happened on the same date in previous years.
Random Facts
Not only is one of my favorite websites, but it’s one of the most fun Twitter accounts, with topics ranging anywhere from dance science to shark attacks.
Bonus! Amazing Soccer Stats
This is famous among soccer lovers (myself included), but on the off chance that you haven’t yet heard of it, it would be criminal not to share. Opta Sports gives incredible soccer facts, many of them are updated in real-time, making it the perfect feed to have handy as you watch a match.
By following these feeds, I’ve enriched not only my Twitter experience, but my general understanding of the world around me.
What are your thoughts? How have you benefitted from ‘twizdom’?
Let me know on @liordegani, Founder of SUMMER

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