Why I Founded [SUMMER]

On April this year, just around my birthday, me and my co-founders got the cheering message that we got into a Start-Up Accelerator program we applied to a short time before.
By that time our mobile app was running for a few months. We already knew most if its biggest problems, and had a pretty good understanding as to how to make it better and more successful.

So we decided to treat this news as a good sign from above. It was a time of new beginnings for us.
Our product was a location based, professional people discovery tool – So we set down and thought hard about the big problem we were trying to solve, and what it meant for us: What information do we want to discover about people, and more importantly, where can we discover such info?

We realized we discover people all the time, like everybody does, while wandering around the web – and the one thing missing for us is that information.
Although the web is packed with information, both social and contextual, getting the information in one piece, on-demand is almost impossible.
That’s where our long journey began (I guess around 3 weeks…):

Building an MVP that gives us the best information about (Professional) people we find interesting – and showing it to everyone we possibly could, which is a lot while being in an accelerator 🙂
This process was as if we were testing users, gathering feedback and A/B testing, trying to understand where exactly this product would fit, and to whom.  That might be one of the greatest parts of an accelerator – The fact that you’re surrounded by so many talented people, companies and mentors, every day, all day.

Time flew by, and we were trying 5 different products, all based on that simple but vital point – One place, On-demand, Meaningful data about people we find interesting.
Then, we got back to the first question we faced in the beginning of our journey – Where do we discover these interesting people? And the answer? that as well, was lying right in front of us, quietly, before: Everywhere we wander around the web. We are reading so much, everyday. We see names, wishing to expand our knowledge – but there is no way to do so.
So we thought – “No more copying and pasting, no more opening 10 tabs” – We’ll Summer it from now on (get it?).

Right away we started building Summer, an easy way to get information about people we read about online, within the page I’m in, with just one click. Not too long after (Thanks to Shlomi, our almighty CTO), we had our first version of Summer that recognized names wherever you are on the web and generate information about them, ready to release to our close circles.
Looking at it today, I have to admit that was an embarrassing version (Hey, but that’s the point isn’t it?).

The procedure went all over again, we got some great feedback (for real this time), worked hard on the user experience, and got to the day we wished for – Releasing our Beta, and publishing Summer to the Google Web Store.

This is a really exciting time for us, so I felt it would be a great chance to tell our personal story, and I’m sure it will become even more exciting as time passes.
It is also a great chance to introduce our amazing team:

@ohadfrankfurt @ShlomiBabluki @ozkatz100 and myself @liordegani

Check out Summer on the Google Web Store, on our Websitefacebook Page or Twitter.

We would love you to join our journey.


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