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Journalism is Dead

Journalism is Dead! Oh well, at least a major part of it.
Many believes Twitter or blogging in general won’t replace journalism. TC Columnist  Paul Carr once said:
 “While bloggers can own the first five minutes of any breaking story – a plane crash, a fire, a burglary – it’s always going to be the professional reporters who own the next five days, or five weeks.” 
And I must admit – He’s right. 
But while I’m not looking for an event’s full story on Twitter or a blog (perhaps the Criticism part of it) – 
I Am looking for the Real-Time journalism.

As a breaking story only lasts 5 minuets as Paul said, People reaction or response to any related to them lasts for good.

Getting the word of an Athlete, Singer or Politician was something an Interviewing Journalist might kill for.

“Just Tweeted about it”

That was exclusivity you were lucky to get as an interviewing media person, and something the “people” waited for, and had the patient to wait for hours or days.

I never finish an article about any famous (or less famous) person without reaching for his or her reaction.
sometimes I even want to hear his reaction regards the article itself…
And with over 32,000 verified accounts and Twitter (and hundreds of thousands of non verified) and hundreds of millions of total followers  – this mission just got so easier.

No more deceptive or partial information, no more delayed and irrelevant responses. 
Just a short tweet, which actually lasts much more than 5 minutes, days, weeks, or even months.

Have you ever thought how many Retweets Muhammad Ali would have received for Tweeting: “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”?



Red Devils! The Internet Version

World of Football (Soccer…) divided into two clear groups:
The ones which Man Utd is their life – and the ones who hates them so bad, they rather see them lose than their own team wins. You’ll never find anyone who sympathize the “Red Devils”…
I belong to the 2nd group.

The Internet “Red Devils” are Quora – Only in this case – I’m totally belong to the 1st group.
I find it so useful, helpful, and sometimes “just interesting”, so much that i condsiders Quora as if it’s my 2nd Search Engine. Actually, many times it’s the first.

But people, lots of people, hate it, or just don’t get it. What the hell is it good for?
They are not sure whether it is a Social Network, a “Smart” people platform, a community of experts, or just a simpel Q&A site.
I would say it’s a mix of all. A wonderful community where you can get answers so specific on a wide set of topics. And the top key is – First degree answers.

If you want to figure out what people think about a certain issue – that’s a great place to do so – people will share their personal knowledge, insights, and recommendations.
But it’s the only place you can get a direct, honest, and reliable response for almost anything:

One of many hard moments

What is it like to work for Bill Gates? Getting information on Foursquare’s future timeline from Dennis Crowley, or what does it feels like to be in an earthquake.

Quora is packed with the right features to maintain this incredible advantage – like a description mentioning why one answered the question, up voting to increase answer visibility, Answer wiki, making bad answers disappear, and anonymity.

The environment Quora gives – makes it “safe” for those people to respond and share.

There is one thing every soccer fan (both lovers and haters of Man Utd) will agree on – The Red devils are Winners. When they are about to lose – you know they will win.
Nobody knows how – They just do.

It might take some time, but The Internet Red Devils will become the ultimate winners.
And if you can’t beat them – you better vote them up…